What I Learned: Winter


Well, this is just a huge victory. We made it to the part where we actually get to start talking about winter in past tense. COME AT ME, March 20. Emily Freeman’s seasonal “Things I Learned” linkup is my favorite way to bookend months that, at times, can seem never-ending. Who’s with me?

  1. Change still makes me feel like a middle schooler.
    In the spirit of beginning this list with optimistic flair, change hurts. It’s hard. It’s lonely and makes me feel like the frizzy-haired girl sitting by herself on the school bus. I will never stop learning this. (But at least I wear less Aeropostale graphic tees now, so that’s some kind of progress.) Sometimes change is good, like my favorite new kicks: 
  2. Pre-made + delivered smoothies and soups are genius lifesavers for the underachiever.
    I’ll be the first to admit smoothies and soups are not that hard to make on my own, but I’m all about simplifying and ridding my life of the produce-gone-bad situation. I subscribed to Daily Harvest this month, and it’s delightful. It’s probably not for you if you get your jollies from using a frying pan and/or like to chew your food. Otherwise, I’m obsessed with the carrot coconut soup and think you need it in your life.
  3. I genuinely believe that throwing away something a stranger gave me will hurt their feelings.
    Areas I struggle with this: restaurant leftovers, business flyers, pieces of gum. I am filled with so much guilt. Please don’t tell them. I need an intervention.
  4. Danielle Bennett is a boss. I discovered her through the Story podcast and can’t shake her spoken word poetry.

    “She doesn’t know she will always walk in and kill it, but she knows there is no room that can tell her what she is and isn’t made of.”-Danielle Bennett

  5. My family’s goldendoodle, Harvey Dent, can catch a frisbee.
    He also can’t quit his Christmas sweater. This is big news on the homefront.


  6. “Better is a handful of quietness than two hands full of toil and a striving after wind.” WHOOSH. -Ecclesiastes 4:6; whoosh mine.
  7. I am not above a little email correspondence. 
    One of my BFFs lives in Mississippi (Anyone else say each letter out loud when spelling that?) and our email thread is currently 63 emails deep. The words packed in it are some of the most life-giving and are the best lunch break pick-me-up.
  8. Chasing Slow is my favorite book of the year so far.
    Yes, I get that it’s only February, but it’s going to be hard to beat.


  9. Mean girls get what they want when it comes to AT&T internet installation.
    I hate this truth. I really do. I am repenting and ashamed, but at least I have internet.
  10. Cake bath bombs.
    Have your cake and soak in it, too. Cutest company run by two sisters. I didn’t know I needed rainbow sprinkles in my bathtub until it happened. I got mine at Target!

It’s Fat Tuesday, which is the best because that means pancakes for dinner. Excited to be reading through Isaiah this Lenten season with She Reads Truth. It’s my favorite book of the Bible, and I’m looking forward to digging in deeper this time around. What are you learning this winter? Anything about climate change? Can you explain this weather to me?


Hey, you! Fill this box with joy. (And comments)


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    Hello fellow ‘What I have Learned’ writer (I am also linked up!) <3 Your post made me smile and yes what is up with this weather?! I am in NE and we have had quite a mild winter! I have heard so many good things about the book 'Chasing Slow'- it is on my 'to read' list for sure! 🙂