Things I Learned in July

Today I’m linking up with Emily Freeman at Chatting at the Sky to share what I learned (and loved) in July!


1. Rainy 4th of July’s can still be an absolute delight with the right company and blueberry cobbler. AND, who knew you could watch fireworks in other less-dreary places on TV? Not the same effect, but also no fear of catching your arm on fire. Always a plus.

2. Youth theater productions are such a fun night out! Tallahassee Young Actors Theater puts on the best shows, and we all loved (yes, even the boys) Legally Blonde: The Musical. Not to mention it’s a HOOT about sorority life. Check out your local community theaters for summer productions-much more entertaining than sitting around the TV and it usually won’t destroy your wallet.

3. Chocolate chip banana “bread” in a mug. My host mom shared this recipe and it’s the best. And just wait-it’s healthy and can be made in the microwave. Enjoy Life brand chocolate chips are allergy friendly and are the only ingredient with sugar! Mix them with egg, banana, flax seed and a sprinkle of walnuts for a single serve treat that won’t set you back.


And how cute are these mugs from Anthropologie?
And how cute are these mugs from Anthropologie?

4. Headbands are in, y’all. They are perfect for covering up humidity-fried hair and sending out the “I’m stylish, but I’m not trying too hard,” vibe. I found these gems at Francesca’s, but I’m hoping to make my own with some cute fabric, too!

5. Comparison is the red-handed bandit and destroyer of joy. You are uniquely equipped for your crazy life! It may seem that someone else has everything you’ve ever wanted, but look deeper. What’s the condition of their heart? They are likely to have just as much insecurity and want as you do. Brush it off and keep on keepin’ on!

Hey, you! Fill this box with joy. (And comments)