Things I Learned in August


The past few weeks have been, well, draining. Moving back to school has been accompanied by lots of transition and adjustment, but I so desperately wanted to be writing here instead of writing in the already jam-packed margins of my Lilly planner. I thought a great way to catch up would be to link up with Chatting At The Sky again to share Things I Learned in August!

1. In with the good, out with the bad. I signed myself up for a 30-day Green Smoothie Challenge. No, this is not a diet; rather, it’s just a few meal replacements to help kickstart new healthy eating habits and to cleanse my body from processed foods. It can be so overwhelming to limit the bad while hoping to crave the good. During this challenge, I haven’t made any foods off limits, I’ve just added in more smoothie nutrients. However, I soon realized how much better I feel and my cravings are slowly shifting on their own. Doesn’t this speak to so many other areas of our lives, too?

2. Sometimes hours of indecisive rolling on every mattress in the store is 100% worth it when that little pile of heaven ends up between your bed posts. Enough said. 

3. It is possible to turn stress into a positive adrenaline rush. I thought, “I’m already feeling charged and high strung from all this newness, why not make it fun?!” So I ended up in a hair salon chair and walked out with, a-hem, ombre. And I love it. 

4. Moving never gets easier. Physically, maybe. (Says the girl staring at 5 unpacked boxes. Maybe not.) Emotionally, it doesn’t. I have moved eight times in the past year, and each time, it has been so hard to leave the people I am with. It’s crazy to see how God wires us to love and become attached to others, making a permanent space for them in our hearts. Just when I think my heart can’t become fuller, it expands by a whole new group of incredible people!

Photo Credit Jen
Photo Credit Jen

5. You can never have enough Mason Jars. At least, in the South, that is. Combined, my roommates and I have about probably 60 in our house at the moment. The jars my Papa used to can deliciousness from his garden give me a comforting tinge of Southern charm as I’m drinking those Green Smoothies mentioned above:)

6. Blogging allows you to make friends around the world. I have LOVED reading all of your responses and being a little part of your day. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your lasting kindness and meaningful words.

7. Don’t go to the gym with intentions of watching college football. On the one hand, it’s extremely motivating and can provide a heart-pumping workout. On the other, you may end up unable to see because of the Crocs-wearing lady on the treadmill blocking your view. Unless she has invested in those oh-so-festive “team spirit charms” for her shoes of choice, she will not understand your need for College Gameday.

8. Thinking of things I learned during the month keeps me focused and energized! You should try it, too! What did you learn during the month of August?

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  1. says

    Love the idea of a green smoothie challenge! I tried a spinach, avocado, mango one a few weeks ago. It was interesting. . . the texture was slightly weird for me.

    Hooray for new mattresses!!!

    • Kaitlin says

      Hey Deanna! I would definitely encourage you to keep experimenting to find a green smoothie you like. So far, mine favorite is made with spinach, water, banana, pineapple, and mango:) Thanks for stopping by!