Cheers | 6.2

Cheers is a weekly toast to celebrate the people, places and things that helped us make it to Friday.

priscilla-du-preez-228220I don’t know how we got here already, but I LOVE IT. All of the caps lock for today and always. Last night, a new Jeni’s ice cream store opened down the street (DREAMS) and it was like our whole side of town dropped what they were doing to form a line to watch summer roll in once more. We waited for over an hour for free scoops of wildberry lavender and brambleberry sorbet, but it was more than worth it to support the cause of ice creamery, one near and dear to my heart.

Speaking of, if you have a Jeni’s near you, I need you to stop right now to try their Cookies In Cream. Last night, I declared that it’s my favorite ice cream flavor of all time, so this is serious business.

And with that, I’d like to a propose a toast to waffle cones and summer nights and all the things that delivered a little more hope this week. Can I just tell you that this week was hard, but taking note of these little hopefuls really helped me make it through? I never want this practice to get old.


First of all, to YOU, dad, because it’s your birthday! Happy, happy day!

To you, Big Little Lies, for consuming my whole dang life this week. I have a strict only-happy-shows-and-books rule currently, but it was worth breaking it for this. I finished the book on Monday and am now happily making it through the show. Don’t let me watch any more murder shows after this though, you guys. #accountability

To you, Option B, for being the perfect recovery book from Big Little Lies and helping me sort through the trauma. But really, I mentioned the On Being podcast with Sheryl Sandberg before, and I’m still captivated by her story in the pages of this book. So far, this is the kind of grief book I can get on board with.

To you, empty edamame shells and salt sprinkles, for reminding us to slow down and enjoy our tables and the people around them. Also for being the perfect healthy-ish appetizer.

img_5588To you, long road trips, for hours alone with my favorite podcasts and audiobooks. My little-known introvert heart is thriving.

To you, Erin Loechner, for the most brilliant idea of a resource party. (Basically? Pick a goal, announce it to your friends and raise your hand with simple ways you can support them in their goal while they support you in yours. Best.)

To you, Kendall Sky, for always showing up and never letting us down. (Okay but seriously, usually I have an eye for these things, but when other people notice the beauty, it’s my favorite. Last night, standing in line for Jeni’s, everyone stopped to notice and take pictures and it took everything in me to not say “THAT’S MY BROTHER. IT’S A KENDALL SKY.” But we will all discuss these things in heaven, I’m sure of it.)

To you, reader, if it’s been a long week. I SEE YOU, friend. Keeping you in my prayers and fist bumping in solidarity. Also, if you want to reach out for a virtual “you’ve got this,” I’d love to cheer you on. Shoot me an email!

Wishing you joy and rest x a million this weekend. And free scoops of ice cream, while we’re at it. LOVE YOU, DEAR ONES.

Hey, you! Fill this box with joy. (And comments)


  1. Lynn Blankenship says

    You just made my day! I’ve had a couple of hard weeks…missed a step, fell and fractured my right arm in two places. Did I mention, I am right handed? I am getting better everyday and you just made me feel so much better! Take care and keep up the good work!

    • Kaitlin says

      Lynn, I’m so sorry to hear about your fall! Praying for a quick recovery and cheer along the way. Thinking about you!