Anna DeBoy: Kindness Culprit #2

Friend, you are so loved. Immensely cherished. Heavily blanketed in prayer.

How do I know?

Because you have someone like my friend Anna out there intervening for you.


Anna became one of my best friends this summer, and as P31’s graphic design intern, she loves all things creative and artsy. Naturally, she wields a computer mouse like a renowned painter, bringing clarity to passing visions. But her creativity shines best through her relationships. The biggest lesson Anna taught me is creativity doesn’t have to be visual.  She knows how to use her strengths in a way that makes people feel specifically loved and reminds her to celebrate the people in her life. When I first found out about a little project she’d been working on, I was so excited about it and know you will be too.

This summer, Anna started a prayer wall in her room above her bed. Rows and rows of black and white 4 by 4 photos line her walls, serving as a reminder of specific faces revealing struggles and triumphs in each loved one’s life.

“The wall reminds me of all of my blessings and the people in my life I love and adore,” she said. “Creation is something I see God in most, so I wanted to make an art piece that has a deeply significant meaning and purpose to me.”


It’s easy for prayer to become mundane. Anna decided to mix things up in a way that spoke to her personally, and her love for photography was the perfect solution. There is no constant formula for prayer. How can you make your prayer experience more personalized? Let her inspire you!

Here are her tips for making your own prayer wall:

  1. Make a list of people on your heart to pray for. It doesn’t have to be just close family and friends, really spend some time on this and see who you are lead to.
  2. Have fun with it! Choose fun pictures that convey each person’s personality and enjoy the process of picking them out!
  3. Be creative. Anna chose a common theme and style for the pictures she chose to match her room. The possibilities are endless!
  4. …And this is my favorite step, let it grow. Don’t limit yourself to your initial list. Imagine what would happen if you told someone you would be praying for them and later sent them an image of their picture on your prayer wall. Allow your prayer life to be transformed as your eyes are opened to the needs of others around you.

The faces will bring to mind conversations, struggles, joys, goals, dreams and relationships to pray for that wouldn’t be clear otherwise.

In his book A Praying Life, Paul Miller says,

“Everything you do is connected to who you are as a person and, in turn, creates the person you are becoming. Everything you do affects those you love. All of life is covenant. Imbedded in the idea of prayer is a richly textured view of the world where all of life is organized around invisible bonds or covenants that knit us together. Instead of a fixed world, we live in our Father’s world, a world built for divine relationships between people where, because of the Good News, tragedies become comedies and hope is born.”

What would happen if we laid down mindless busyness in favor of mindful interruption? Dare to tuck away the impersonal, practical prayers you’ve been taught and allow your thirst for the creative, the relational, the radical and the intimate to be quenched with a single phrase,

“Come to Me.”


Hey, you! Fill this box with joy. (And comments)


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    I don’t even know what to say. I’m so undeserving of your sweet words! Thank you for blessing me, friend. Love you more than you know!