I’m Kaitlin, and I’m so excited you’re here!

THE ESSENTIALS: ENFJ + Enneagram type 7 + Nashville resident fangirl + South Carolina Gamecock + football fan + cat lady (exceptions made for goldendoodles) + oxford comma hater + Taylor Swift convert + emoji girl lookalike.

THE GOOD: I believe in honest thoughts, funny stories, pretty pictures and internet friends.

THE HARD: My little brother passed away in 2014. He was my favorite person in the whole world and I cannot wait to see him again. I love to write about him and process grief here. You can find his book here or read more about his legacy here. A prouder sister does not exist.

THE GOOD NEWS: My hope is in Jesus Christ. You may have found your way here through She Reads Truth or Abide, and I’m so grateful! Here, you won’t find words coated in sugar, just life in the context of the gospel, the best news of all.

THE FANCY: I’m a writer and editor, both full-time and freelance, with a degree in mass communications and journalism, an emphasis in public relations and a minor in psychology.

THE FAVORITES: Most of my photos, unless otherwise specified, are by Cymone Wilder of Simon and Moose. My logo was created by Margot Groner of Margot + Co.