A Podcast

img_3866Sometimes, you make your friend say “yes” to the thing she’s been wanting to do for a very long time. And you couldn’t be more excited. And sometimes, that thing is a podcast. And you (still!) couldn’t be more excited. Then, she DOES it. And you’re over the moon. But then, she asks to interview you on it and you consider losing your lunch and wonder if this was such a good idea in the first place.

Just kidding. It was.

On this super fun episode of Girls Night With Stephanie May Wilson, my sweet friend Steph and I talk all things “How to Make New Friends As An Adult,” because sometimes this can be just straight-up hard. I talk about moving to Nashville during an extremely hard season and what that taught me about the people I surround myself with, and Steph shares the most amazing encouragement about how to find your new BFFs.

I loved this conversation and hope you will too! (Also, hi no one ever make me listen to a playback recording of my voice ever again. Ok thanks!)

Listen on Itunes here! 

Find Stephanie’s show notes here!


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