A Little Something for Your Wrist

Things I’m wearing on my sleeve these days:
My obsession with the newly engaged royal couple.
My happiness that Amy Sherman-Palladino has released a new show. And all the Gilmore Girls fans said “Amen.”
My disdain for the mouse I saw-and-then-trapped in my apartment this week. Currently taking applications for cat roommates.
My blood pressure level’s noticeable decrease now that football season is coming to an end.

Things tucked just under my sleeve:
I’m working on a few exciting projects that I can’t tell you about just yet, but I can’t wait!
I decided to go back to counseling this week.
The holidays are hard for my family, and this year is no exception.

And then there’s what I’m wearing on my wrist. You know, before this, I wore a watch with a dead battery for over a year. It’s a problem, but honestly, I think it was my own personal rebellion against the passing of time. But now? I’m taking time back, choosing to savor it instead of fear it. And it just turns out that this little guy from Jord was up for the task. It’s all of the warm minimalistic vibes you’d hope for in a watch. I like to think he doesn’t even know how to say “Hurry up!” or “You’re late!” — just “Girl, you’ve got this” and “You left enough time to grab Starbucks on the way!”. Dreams, I am telling you.


Did I mention it’s a wooden watch? Perfect for gifting, wearing, and loving, Jord’s got the hookup for cool watches, from women’s wooden watches to unique men’s watches. But don’t worry — I wouldn’t tell you all of this just to leave you hanging. The one I have is the Frankie Ash and Koa, but because I know you’ll want to check out the others, our friends at Jord have given my favorite people (that’s you!), a 25% off code. Click here to find it!

No matter what you’re wearing on your sleeve or tucked just below it, let’s be intentional about savoring our time instead of wishing it away this season. Pinky promise?

Photos by Cymone Wilder
Wooden Wristwatch



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